Health. Color. Value.

Ultra Balance Premium Koi Food

Ultra Balance Premium Koi Food helps koi achieve their ideal health, growth, and energy levels. Our customers agree that it’s simply the best quality and value of koi food available.

Each formula is nutritionally balanced with the correct levels of amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and natural color enhancers.

  • Growth formula - formulated for optimum growth of young fish when water temperatures 64 °F and above

  • Maintenance formula - formulated as a year-round diet for fish over 2 years of age. Also recommended as an all age diet when temperatures are below 64 °F, or in crowded pond conditions.

Ultra Balance Premium Koi Food is manufactured by Star Milling Co., a family-owned company. We are dedicated to making koi food that is consistent in both quality and nutrition, guaranteeing fresh feed in every package. Star Milling is certified as a BSE Free and AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food Facility.

Ultra Balance 2018 Event Schedule

Mar 3-5 31st Annual Koi Club of San Diego Show CA Mar 9-11 2018 CFKC Koi Show CA Mar 18-19 44th ZNA Southern California Koi Show CA Apr 1-2 2018 ZNA Northern California Koi Show CA Apr 27-29 1st Annual ZNA Carolina NC